Justice Ain’t Blind

Original Oil 24″x30″ – SOLD
Canvas Edition of 75 – 24″x30″ – SOLD OUT
Canvas Edition of 100 – 15″x20″ – SOLD OUT
Artist Proof Edition of 7 – 24″x30″ – SOLD OUT

Don’t call me Ma’am!

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We are survivors of hurricane Ian . Our home was located on Fort Myers Beach. It was completely destroyed and all of our belongings were washed away. I fought to the bitter end to save our home and then focused on saving my family. We are all very happy to be alive and well. I purchased the 24×30 a few years back in Key West. It meant allot to me and and my lovely wife. It was hung right to the right of our bed . While insurance paid out face value the loss off our favorite piece is still in my head. Is there anyway we could replace our beautiful Justice ain’t Blind. I realize you are sold out and I would normally never ask. But considering what it means to me know I figured i would try.
Thank you for your consideration.

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